CHANGE IS GOOD! An Open Letter To All Natural Body Customers We would like to address and clarify the recent changes that you will see happening with Natural Body Patchogue. We know Change is not easy for anyone. However, we have thought long and hard over the past year about this particular change and ultimately we feel that this is a change worth making. During this time of transition, we would like to assure you that everything that you have come to love about our store will remain the same.  We know many of you have been burdened with this situation through social media, and we would like to apologize for this profoundly unprofessional behavior. These are matters that should be handled with tact and decorum and should never burden our customers in any way. It is irrational decisions such as these that we have been dealing with behind the scenes that have ultimately led us to solidifying our decision. While we will not engage in slander or falsehoods we feel it is important that you know why we have decided to take this stand and make these changes. We are confident  that we will be able to better serve our customer base by making this change. While we have worked hard to promote the Natural Body Name and brand over these last several years and, make it mainstream within our community, we must now withdraw our support. For most of the time that we have been in business, we have been proud to be a part of the Natural Body brand.  We can not make that claim any longer. Due to changes in ownership, policy and business tactics, we feel it is best to move on. We have always done business in an honest and honorable way, where our customer and our relationships comes first. We bring products to the shelf that you desire and that we feel resonate with the quality and excellence that we strive to bring you in all that we do. Our relationship with Natural Body and the changes in business philosophy that they have undergone since we have opened would have jeopardized that. We will not sell, carry or push a product solely for profit, we never have and we never will. Ego will never be our driving force. It will always be about our customers needs and goals, and that is why every sale, and every customer is given personal attention. We stand behind what we know has worked. We have heard you and will continue to serve you the way you have shown us works. We will not allow outsiders to interfere with our customers needs, that is where we draw the line... It will not be tolerated. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify some misleading information that has concerned some of our customers. While you will no longer see the Natural Body name on the outside of the store.. We are not closing nor have we ever had any plans to do so. Ownership has and will remain the same. The only thing that will be changing is our name and association with Natural Body Ozone Park. Our knowledgable staff whom you have grown to trust are ready to  serve our customers with the same excellence that you have come to depend on since the day we have opened our doors. We will be selling the same products, at the same prices. We also look forward in the near future to expanding our lines. We believe in choice for our customers. Our commitment to bringing you the best at the best prices will never change. Yes, we will still be price matching. We will still be honoring Natural Body Patchogue gift cards. We will honor  Bonus Buck coupons. Your points will remain in our computer as they were before the change. A new card will be issued in the near future, and the program will continue uninterrupted. All trainers and professional bonus programs will also be honored and uninterrupted. We will continue to offer  our delicious line of food and smoothies. They will still be made with the highest all natural quality ingredients that make them the go to healthy meal choice so many of you love; and very soon this Summer, we will  be introducing some awesome new items to the menu. For your convenience Orders can be phoned or faxed in at any time. Phone  (631) 289-1113 Fax (631) 289-1162 and Coming Soon!!  watch for our new App. We will be creating a new clothing line with a new logo to replace all of the previous items that many of you own. The clothing line began here in Patchogue, and has been created by one of our own here in Blue Point you can still expect to have awesome designs and great quality. We know how you depend on us for the gym and we would never leave you hanging. Please note: We will no longer be endorsing the Natural Body inc. website for online ordering, while we have facilitated purchases in the past through our online  link, we are not now or ever been a part of that website, as it is a direct link to Natural  Body Ozone Park. Our website has been underway for some time now and will be launched soon.  In the meantime, serving our customers is integral, and we will not let you down. For online orders please call the store to place your order. One of our knowledgable staff members will be available to assist you in placing your order and guiding you with any advice that you desire based upon your nutritional needs and goals. We will provide free shipping on all local New York orders. For ordering our business hours have remained the same, Monday - Friday 11am- 8pm , Saturday 10am-7pm, and  Closed Sunday's.  Our telephone number is (631) 289-1113 After reading this, we think you'll agree... Change -is- good. We are excited and look forward to this new opportunity to grow with you. We want you to know how much we value your patronage  and will continue to do so in the future. We appreciate your ongoing support through this transition and again want to apologize for any inappropriate, unprofessional tactics and misleading information you may have encountered. We will continue to conduct business in a professional manner conducive to serving our customers in the best way we know how. Serving you has been and will always be our number one priority, as we bring you bigger and better things.   Thank You! Sincerely, The Natural Body Patchogue Team Rob, Danielle, Brandon, Matt, Andres, Brian, Denis, Freddy, Franky, Jeyner, Emma and Stephen